Roller Rink System For Sale

We have available a 40m x 20m roller rink floor and dasher board system.

This system and floor are approximately 2 years old and is in very good condition.

Board System

Each board is 111cm high x 241cm long x 5cm wide

The board system comes with perspex for the sides and behind the goals. 100cm to the side areas 150cm behind the goals

4 x Entry gates

Floor Tiles

33cm x 33cm x 0.5cm tiles

Approximately 7346 tiles for the 40 x 20 floor space plus spare tiles

Ice Rink System For Sale

We are offering an 800 square metre ICEGRID system complete with Athletica Sport Systems 5" Pro Series 5" ice hockey barrier.

The rink measures 40m x 20m and can be extended along the 40m length to make a 45m or 50m rink, suitable for curling.

This rink has been used for 12 months and comes with a 1 year workmanship warranty. The ICEGRID floor system has an 8 year manufacturer backed materials warranty. Our offer includes for the rink boards, cooling floor and associated pipework and insulation (35mm high density boards).

If required we can also supply an ice rink refrigeration system, secondary coolant and ice resurfacing machine at an additional cost.

This rink is perfect as either a permanent or temporary solution and is completely modular for ease of installation. It would take one week to install and a further 2 - 3 days to establish the ice surface. Ice Tech UK can provide the skilled labour required to install the system at your premises.

  • Accepting offers in the region of £ 120,000 plus VAT.

Ice Resurfacing Machines

Engo 170SX

The Engo 170SX is an ideal resurfacing machine for rinks off 1200 square metres or less. This electric machine features a quick release blade system, conditioner wash, auto water fill and 2 spare blades. Manufactured in 2009 the unit is supplied with a 6 month warranty.

  • Colour : White
  • Power Required to Charge : 32 amp three phase.
  • £ 45,000 plus VAT

Used Rental Skates

We have a selection of Roxa, Nike and Bauer used rental skates available for the coming winter season. Maximum period of use per skate is just 24 weeks.

  • From £10 per pair plus VAT.

Grimsby Ice Rink

Following the failure of the original R22 cooling system, Ice Tech UK were successfully awarded the contract to replace the refrigeration plant, ice floor and refurbish the aged barrier system at the North Lincolnshire ice rink.

Commencing mid August the works were completed in under three weeks and a few days ahead of the scheduled contract period.

A new ICEGRID cooling floor and a state of the art packaged chiller supplied by Cool Energy will remain in place for two years, after which, the Council intends to open a brand new ice rink.

Doncaster Dome

As the recognised industry leader, Ice Tech UK have been commissioned as Main Contractor to manage the refurbishment of this unusual and unique fun rink. We have partnered with Star Refrigeration who will supply a new, external packaged Azanechiller (an ammonia plant) along with heat recovery systems to provide heating from the chiller waste to the adjoining swimming pool.

A new ICEGRID floor system will be laid over the existing, redundant R22 cooling floor. Works commenced on site at the beginning of September 2014 and are scheduled for completion late December 2014.

Galleon Centre

With an aged 30 year old pipe work system reaching the end of it's natural life, the Galleon Centre, Kilmarnock opted for a new ICEGRID cooling floor system. The product has gained a good reputation amongst curling rinks across the country and as the Galleon Centre is predominantly curling based, it seemed the logical solution.

Work commenced in February 2014 with the rink re-opening at the end of March. A new refrigeration system was installed to replace the R22 plant.

Somerset House

In 2014 we will embark on our 15th consecutive year providing the ice rink at Somerset House, London. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful rinks in the world (CNN top 10 for last 5 years), the rink has played host to almost 2m skaters. Somerset House has used the ICEGRID system since 2006 and in that time, only one hour of skating has had to be cancelled due to exceptionally high winds. We believe this technical track record is completely unrivalled. Cool Energy have been chosen to provide the refrigeration systems for this project for the 7th consecutive year.

Ice Arena Wales

The main contractor, Kier South West has chosen Ice Tech UK to provide the refrigeration systems, dasher boards and ice cooling floors on this prestigious new twin pad project. Our consultancy arm have worked alongside Kier and Arup through the early project development stages culminating in an order for supply and installation. A combined contract in the order of £1.5m will see the work completed throughout the first two quarters of 2015 with the rink opening next summer.

Braehead Arena

Our team of specialist engineers have once again laid the ice ahead of the new hockey season at Glasgow's Braehead Arena. This year was more complex with the introduction of 12 bespoke logos but the project was handed over within 5 days. Following the first game, our team returned to 'white out' the lines and logos so that the venue can host Disney on Ice. The white paint and over ice will be cut back in October when Disney finishes to restore the ice back for hockey and public skating.

Winter Rink at the Royal Pavilion Brighton

Ice resurfacing equipment, rental skates and electrical systems will be supplied for the 5th consecutive year to the popular temporary rink on the south coast.

Ice Tech UK complete new exclusivity deal with Roxa

When it comes to rental skates, the Roxa brand have fast established themselves as the number 1 skate in Britain's ice rinks. We are delighted to confirm that we have reached an ongoing arrangement to be the UK's sole distributor of these popular skates. The timing of the agreement ties in with the launch of the new soft shell and Hockey 400, Figure 50 models. Providing more comfort and a robust shell these skates provide rink operators with a reliable, robust solution.