Desiccant Air Handling Plants

According to A.S.H.R.A.E. the humidity in an arena accounts for 15% of the refrigeration heat load, on average. Historically, refrigerant based dehumidifiers have remained the popular choice in Canada for dealing with this problem. Recently, desiccant systems have been installed in many new and existing arena facilities. The U.S. market is quite different. Due to local and State Codes, ice rinks have turned to desiccant based systems to meet the needs of both the codes for fresh air make up and dehumidification. To date, the desiccant design has been very successful in meeting both of these goals.

Ice FX has been designed to address the dehumidification requirements that are specific to ice rinks. Ice rinks are now required to bring in a considerable amount of fresh air for their occupants and to replace the air exhausted from the ice resurfacer.

The danger of this is that often the incoming fresh air is laden with moisture, creating fog, poor ice conditions and condensation. "Ice FX" effectively removes this moisture resulting in a drier more comfortable environment. The "Ice FX" system offers owners a low cost, single wheel alternative that provides an economical way to control the air dew point of the rink, reduce operating costs and extend the ice season.

Key Features Include

  • Dual damper design for switching between recirculated and 20% fresh air operation.
  • Post heating coil for winter operation.
  • Reduced electrical demand by running on natural gas, LP gas, steam or hot water.
  • One year warranty on parts and labour.
  • Reduced heat load due to the absence of moisture build up on the ice surface.