Ice Edgers

We provide a selection of Ice Edgers to allow you to taylor the product to your facilities needs. Each product has its own benefits and specification which is detailed in the information below.

Thomsen T-18 Ice Edger & T-18 ES

T-18 ESThe 18" cut on this model makes quick work of any sized rink. It's powered by a 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton OHV engine. More than enough power for ice standard edging duties as well as enough reserve power for some of those heavier applications that you may have. Our machine features four-wheel stability for added safety. Available with electric start. No assembly required, just add gasoline and oil. The standard pull start is included with the electric start option.

Thomsen T-29 Ice Cat

T-29 Ice CatThe T-29 Ice Cat was the first cordless electric ice edger available on the market. Quality and technology have improved over time, allowing us to implement changes to the ice edger. This machine is ideal if you're working in an enclosed arena or if your arena is looking for a green alternative to a gas-powered machine. Powered by two 12-volt deep cycle batteries (included).

Engo Minengo Elettra

Engo Minengo ElettraThe Engo Minengo Elettra electrical edge milling machine has been developed for professional, silent and low environmental impact working of the ice rink edges on the boards impact rims. The machine is equipped with height-adjustable handrail as well as a powerful 24 V - 2.0 KW electric motor with electro-magnetic brakes with flange for the immediate stopping of the mill wheels upon button release.

The machine has manual height adjustment that activates by means of a device on the handrail, as well as an adjustable side inclination. The machine is equipped with wheels that facilitate transport and handling on non-iced surfaces, and with an adjustment foot that, in case of non-use of the edge mill, it lowers to protect the wheels of the mill with the blades.

The electric edge milling machine is equipped with solid lead batteries, as well as a 220 V/24V battery charger with micro recharging, and high limit charging.