Ice Dams

Multi use venues often require the ice rink floor to be constructed at the same level as the surrounding perimeter floor. This is to ensure that when the ice rink barriers are removed, the floor level across the arena are uniform to accommodate seating, standing or additional floor coverings.

Ice DamIce Dam

Prior to the ice being installed, an ice dam is constructed using either a steel, aluminum or plastic (HDPE) perimeter beam. For concrete floor construction, an expansion joint is located between the perimeter concrete and the ice floor. The ice dam sits just in front of the expansion joint.

Typical dam heights are 38mm - 40mm allowing for 35mm of ice with a 3mm - 5mm tolerance.

The dam is secured to the sub-floor by bolting into pre-cast sockets. The dasher board is then positioned on top of the ice dam and bolted down through the beam.