Multi-Purpose - Ice Court

Ice Court is the only surface in the world specifically designed for roller hockey, while perfectly suitable as a general-purpose ball sports and gymnastic floor. Whether on ice rinks, indoor courts, tennis courts or at the beach, the scientifically designed Ice Court™ is the fastest in-line hockey floor ever made.

Our unique surface design allows for great maneuverability at high speeds and better skate grip during tight turns and acceleration. Ice Court™ floor tiles feature millions of tiny nipples which reduce the friction of the puck. The puck glides like on ice . . . fast and long.

The surface perforation prevents air pressure build-up underneath the puck. The puck glides flat without a tendency to lift or roll. Precision panels simply snap together without the slightest trace of seams or gaps. A seamless surface prevents the puck from bouncing.

The only inline floor that plays like ice!