Mitra ICEGRID Floor

Exclusively supplied and co-designed by Ice Tech UK the Mitra ICEGRID Floor System has been introduced with both permanent and temporary ice rinks in mind. It has the durability to be installed to replace or substitute a concrete floor and has several advantages over the more traditional method. These include:

Mitra GridMitra Grid and PipeHeader Trench

  • Fast, efficient and cost effective installation
  • Individual control to every pipe run to maximise floor efficiency
  • Pipes at closer centres to improve thermal transfer
  • Improved and controllable flow rates
  • Completely modular system which can be easily maintained
  • Quick and easy to repair - with minimal secondary coolant loss
  • Single pipe runs therefore less joints than traditional ice floors
  • Suitable for glycol, brine or vegetable based coolants
  • Ideal for outdoor use on temporary ice rinks
  • Exceptional design load, up to 40 tonnes, for other events

Mitra ICEGRID Floor System has three key elements

  1. Mitra Ice Grid - an interlocking plastic tile system to accommodate
  2. Mitra Ice Pipes - manufactured from polyethylene, flexible, up to 120m
  3. Mitra Header - an ABS collector pipe complete with individual control valves

Ice Tech UK have installed the Mitra ICEGRID Floors for ice hockey stadia, recreational rinks, curling rinks, temporary winter rinks and speed skating centres. The product is available in black or white.

In applications where the venue is dual use (ice floor shared for other events) the Mitra ICEGRID Floor System is infilled with sand and/or quarz and can be sealed with a hard resin finish.