Nautronic Scoreboards

Ice Tech UK is a leading distributor for Nautronic scoreboards within the UK.

Nautronic design and develop scoreboards for a wide range of sports such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Badminton and football offering standard solutions as well as custom-built scoreboards.

Nautronic scoreboards are designed to give spectators, players and sponsors the best possible experience of the game.

NS2575 Score BoardNautronic Score Board

The following Nautronic models are specially designed for ice hockey.

NS2571 and NA2575

The NS2571 scoreboard can display up to two player numbers for each team in the sin bin at any one time, highlighting with a dot if it is a 2, 5 or 10 min penalty or a combination.

With the NA2575 you have also the possibility to show shot statistics. Both types of scoreboard have a relay output for controlling our Goal Lamps.

All other common sports are included within the control panel, making it possible to use the scoreboard for other sports as well.

  • All systems have a last minute countdown mode in tenths of a second, as well as digital timeout timers.
  • Each scoreboard features a digital time-of-day clock when the scoreboard is not in use.
  • Up to 9 scoreboards can be operated from one control panel.
  • Four-sided scoreboards are also delivered on request, and in most cases custom requirements can be accommodated.
  • The scoreboard is easy to install, mounting brackets are supplied with every system.

Every scoreboard produced by Nautronic is a high quality product and has gone through rigorous testing before leaving the factory and being shipped off to its destination anywhere in the world.