Refrigeration Plant

The ice rink refrigeration plant is the largest consumer of electricity in a rink and as such, it's design and efficiency in operation is of paramount importance.

Modern refrigeration systems produce large volumes of waste heat, some more than others depending on the type of refrigerant gas used. The waste heat produced can be used in the glycol heating circuit beneath the cooling floor, to heat the snow pit, to pre-heat hot domestic water or to assist with heating of the rink air system.

Ice Rink refrigeration plant can be located inside or outside the building.

We design and supply the following types of refrigeration plant:

  • Indoor or outdoor packaged units
  • Pump Skids
  • Advanced Automated Control Systems
  • Evaporative (water) and air cooled condensers
  • Plant Electrical Panels
  • Snow Pit Heating Systems

Our refrigeration systems are designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Capable of producing and maintaining the highest quality ice sheet
  • Efficient and simple in operation
  • Fewer emissions, low carbon output
  • Utilise where possible materials from sustainable sources
  • Reduce life cycle costs
  • Carefully selected materials for extended life
  • User friendly with a reduction in annual maintenance costs
  • Safe operation for ice rink staff