Rubber Flooring

Nora Flooring and Royal Mats


Norament round rubber floor covering for heavy traffic areas with a round surface, solid colour.

  • Most versatile colour selection for budget conscious commercial applications. Ideally suited to heavy traffic areas such as skate hire, changing rooms and rink side.
  • Excellent for wheeled traffic in multi purpose facilities - ultra low vibration
  • Color coordinated accessories and stair-treads.

The Royal Mat

Royal MatThe Royal Mat ‘Beehive’ has been used extensively in rinks throughout the world, guaranteeing comfort and protection for skaters and spectators who frequent your arena. The mat has been designed to provide a safe environment where softness and firmness are both needed. The Royal Mat is a rubber carpet available in 12mm or 18mm that:

  • Reduces the risks of injury from falls
  • Provides softness and comfort to users
  • Protects skate blades
  • Insulates from the cold, absorbs vibrations and reduces noise.


The mats are easy to clean. The honeycomb surface is waterproof and skid proof and doesn’t gather dust. Normal sweeping and washing with regular soap cleaners is all that’s needed.