Sport Systems Unlimited - Infinity Football Series

Sport Systems Inifinty Football Series

The INFINITY Series Football System, is the containment board system designed specifically for indoor soccer pitches, lacrosse fields and Multi-Activity Courts (MACs).

Definitely not the same old hockey boards: from our original concepts through prototype testing with some of the game’s most respected consultants, to final product design, we’re confident there’s nothing better suited for the world of indoor sports. INFINITY Series Football Boards are built from extrusions of T-5 tempered aluminum, with a clear anodized finish that will never rust or pit, and is easy to clean, so your boards will always look great.

Sport Systems Inifinty Football Series

Using state-of-the-art concealed mechanical fastening techniques (not welded) the Infinity system frames provide a more flexible board system than welded aluminum or old-fashioned steel boards. There are no exposed brackets or anchors; no collection areas for dirt and debris.

All exposed hardware (e.g., hinges, gate latches) is made of stainless steel for maintenance-free durability. Panels are shipped from our factory pre-glazed and pre-assembled: installation time is minimal, meaning your field is up and running sooner.

The playing surface of Infinity Football Boards is completely smooth, featuring strong and durable tempered glass, and long lasting High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Glass-to-plastic ratios (ranging from all glass to all plastic) are customizable, allowing you to pick the places in your facility to maximize the view for the spectators and your revenue via sponsorship (stick-on) ad panels.