Sport Systems Unlimited - Pro XL Series Seamless Dasher Boards

"Pro XL Seamless" Series is number one for performance, safety, appearance, longevity and durability.

Pro Series XL Seamless

The "Pro XL Seamless" Series is new in 2001. It is a 5" deep anodized aluminum frame. The system is comprised of 8 foot panels and is removable. The white plastic and the colored top plate and kick plate are 1/2" high density polyethylene. The overall panel thickness is 5-1/2" and weighs approximately 180 pounds, a manageable weight for two people to carry.

Applications: For any indoor ice skating arena. They are also ideal for a Multi-Purpose facility, where rapid removal and re-installation is a must.

Advantages: These light weight boards are easy to install. When compared to steel boards, the "Pro XL" is 1/2 the weight and far superior in flexibility for safety, and durability. The anodized aluminum finish will remain looking like new and the boards will last the life time of the building. Most notable is the "Pro XL Series" is designed to overcome the known problems with seamless glass. It is much safer for players and spectators. And, is much more fail safe for the arena staff to operate.