Ice Floor Systems

Whether it's a traditional concrete floor and Polypropylene pipe work system or the revolutionary Mitra Grid system, here at Ice Tech UK we provide the knowledge, experience and product range to suit your specific requirements.

If your rink is to be used for ice hockey, professional and public figure skating, curling, speed skating or a combination of all of these, we have the expertise to build you the perfect sheet of ice using the very latest technology in proven systems.

The type of floor system you choose will be governed by many factors. Through consultation we will recommend a floor system that is right for you. Typical factors influencing the correct choice include the type and size of rink and proposed use; budget; location; whether the rink is temporary or permanent; indoor or outdoor; duration of use per year; secondary rink usage (i.e concert venue, sports hall); building design and fabric and the projected lifespan of the installation.

The systems we offer are as follows: